About Winners Edge Feed

We are Craig and June Farrell, the proud owners of Winner's Edge Feed.  Our journey began when we were introduced to Stablefeed's remarkable products, which have the ability to alleviate many horse ailments through organic nutrition.

Our excitement is boundless as we share the message that horses need not endure certain conditions.  There is relief and healing through the power of proper nutrition.

Why We Stand Behind Stablefeed's Products

When we were introduced to StableFeed, our interest was instantly piqued. Their products are scientifically designed to effectively support and promote equine health, delivering proven results in addressing various health concerns. This resonated with us because we both have personal experiences that made us realize the significance of a proper diet in dealing with health issues.


About the Owners

Craig Farrell

Meet Craig, our experienced farrier with over 30 years in the field. Throughout his career, Craig has had the privilege of working with countless horses and, in the process, encountered various common health issues. It's not just about hoof problems; he's witnessed horses struggling with respiratory difficulties, skin irritations, and digestive troubles, to name just a few. His wealth of experience extends beyond hoof care, making him a well-rounded expert in overall equine well-being.

June Farrell

Meet June, a dedicated horse enthusiast who's spent most of her life with these amazing creatures. Like Craig, she's also witnessed various equine health issues. Her extensive experience and genuine love for horses add a deep understanding of their well-being to our team.