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"Many of us have experienced a horse that is a "hard keeper." My five star event horse Emporium is the hardest keeper I have ever met. After years of struggling to keep him in good body condition no matter what he ate and a chronic stomach ulcer diagnosis I was looking to overhaul his feed program. I am so glad to have found StableFeed for him. Their hands-on approach to getting his body naturally balanced again has been amazing and I can see the results in Emporium. He looks fantastic and happily eats his meals. The company's passion for helping horses feel like super horses from the inside out is clear and I am so glad I made the switch!"   


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5* Three Day Eventer, YouTuber, and advocate for American Mustangs


"After a long struggle with Hwin’s summer sore we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel and it’s because of StableFeed Spirulina Chia. We had been dealing with this wound for over a year, vets, and creams etc it just kept plateauing which can be common, but we started noticing a change once Hwin was started on the Spirulina supplement. Yes, we have to be very diligent with her wrapping to make sure it never gets wet, but she is now comfortable and has been in work and able to compete at the Mustang Magic. The Spirulina is helping it heal from the inside out. She loves to eat it as well. I’m so happy to finally have my girl back on track and feeling better. I’ve also noticed on my other horse, Let It Be Lee my 5* eventer, an improvement in his sweet itch!"


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Canadian Advanced Level Eventer


“Since starting my competition horses on the StableFeed Spirulina Chia, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the health of their coats, feet, and overall body condition! With a busy schedule of traveling and competing, I love that they are getting some extra support for their GI systems as well. I can’t recommend StableFeed chia products enough and are a staple in our barn!”


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5* Three Day Eventer


“I am LOVING the Seasons Biome Blend and Spirulina Chia for my competition horses. Our horses are thriving from the benefits!”


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NBHA Barrel Racer


"To say my horse has been doing and looking incredible on it is an absolute understatement! I started him on the Spirulina chia back in June and I never looked back. I saw results within 2 weeks and it’s just gotten better. The reason I started him on them was because he had developed some sarcoids on his face and body, so I learned everything I could about them and everything I read had something to say about chia and their immune properties, so I found the StableFeed Spirulina chia and it’s only gone up from there. I’ve owned my horse since he was a yearling and he’s turning 7 in May and in the almost 6 years I’ve owned him he has always had this dull coat that never really slicked off in the summer and in the winter he had this god awful thick coat and just looked raggedy. This year, his coat was slick, shiny, his dapples came out, his mane and tail are shiny, and now that it’s winter, his coat is very minimal, it’s still shiny, still slick. Anytime people ask about something beneficial to add to their feeding and supplementing regimen, I always say the chia. Just from seeing what it has done for my horse, I know what it can do for others."