StableFeed stands for purposeful and impactful equine foods created with pure and effective ingredients. Their products are formulated with studied combinations of organic and minimally processed superfoods that work synergistically to support the body systems for functional and foundational equine health.


“There is no species of animal to which we owe more than equids. I have a profound love and respect for these animals and believe that every aspect of their care should reflect the gratitude these animals so richly deserve.” 

- Mary, CEO and Founder


StableFeed is an innovative horse feed and supplement company that uses science to harness the power of nutraceutical foods to promote and maintain systemic health in today's equine athletes.

Stablefeed's product formulations are driven by peer reviewed studies, input from nutritionists and veterinarians, and counsel from researchers around the globe. Their top priorities are safety and efficacy. Stablefeed's goal is not to push more feed and supplements into that already crowded marketplace. They are focused on providing today’s horse owners with the clean and wholesome options they want so they can retain or restore health in their equine partners.

"Our mission is to revolutionize the equine diet by creating clean foods that support systemic health through a more natural, “raw”, diet."


Stablefeed's products were created when their founder, Mary, made the first chia biscuits to support her own horse. Mary was able to improve every aspect of her horse’s health using nothing more than the curative powers of purposefully combined superfoods. Over time the nutraceutical product line gradually expanded to address other specific equine health issues in horses Mary knew: a cough, laminitis, critical Vitamin A deficiency, IR, chronic ulcers… When an equine supplement works, word spreads. These unique and effective products are recommended by veterinarians, farriers, and trainers, and can now be found in the feed rooms of some of the top riders in the world, proving that equestrians don’t want more products, equestrians want products that work.